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To check the website rank on the internet, use our free Alexa rank checker online tool. Just enter the URL, click the “submit” button to get your website rank on the internet.

What is an Alexa website rank?

         Alexa Rank checker is an online tool that helps you find out how popular your website is across the globe. 

Owned by, Alexa rank checker provides web traffic data and other marketing metrics based on information it picks up from around the web via various toolbars and web browser extensions and gives a rank to your website’s popularity. 


 “Alexa Rank checker” is a website rank checker tool  that ranks websites in the order of how popular they are on the internet. It is a global ranking system that utilizes web traffic data to create a list of the most popular websites on the Internet based on their searches by the users.

According to Alexa Rank checker tools, this ranking is based on “how well a website [is doing] in comparison to all other sites on the web over the last few months”. 

As for how Web Alexa rank checker websites, the more popular a website is, the lower its ranking. This means that the website that ranks “3” on Alexa is the most visited as opposed to one that ranks at “300,000” for example.

Again, stressing on the fact that “more popular the website, lower its ranking” on the Alexa rank checker. 

Why do we need an Alexa Rank Checker tool?


All of us want our websites to be popular and get maximum organic traffic on your websites. Alexa Rank Checker tool helps you accurately with that.

  1.  Website analysis: It is very important for a website owner to know how many visitors visit their website, especially for the ones dealing with e-commerce. To not lose popularity, you can monitor Alexa web ranking of your websites’ progress with the help of the free Alexa Web Rank Checker tool available online.

  2. Competitors analysis: It is a great chance as well as a necessity to compare your website and your competitors on the popularity ranking on Alexa rank checker. You can categorize websites by “Global”, “Country,” and “Category” parameters. THis will give a clear cut understanding of who your direct and indirect competitors on the web are.

  3. Traffic analysis: You will find out easily by using the rank checker tool from which countries your website gets the biggest percentage of users. Also,the Alexa rank checker gives an insight on how your competitors also drive traffic to their website and how you can capitalize their audience.


 Algorithm behind the Alexa Rank Checker:

According to, “The traffic rank through the Alexa Rank checker tool is based on 3 months of  past traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users across the globe put together and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources, and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach).”

The Alexa ranking is calculated using a method that combines a site's estimated average of daily unique visitors and its estimated number of page views over the past 3 months. Alexa mines its data from millions of users around the web who uses a toolbar provided by the company.


How important it is to have Alexa Ranking:

Here is how Alexa ranking can help your website:

  1. Increase website traffic:

Alexa Rank Checker tool will give you an insight of where and by whom your website is searched. This will help you increase your website traffic for free, improving the sales performance.

  1. Competitor Analysis:

Alexa Rank checker also enables you to find out your direct and indirect competitors and how you can capitalise on their audience.

  1. Increase your web presence: 

As a brand it is important for you to have a global web presence and the Alexa rank checker tool will help you build strategies that can take your brand global for free.

  1. Self- Analysis:

Alexa Ranks can give you a good insight on how well your website is performing and how good it is compared to your competitors.


Tips to improve Alexa Ranking:

  1. Implement SEO based content:

Writing your website content according to SEO and keywords can help your website get a better ranking on Alexa Rank checker.

  1. Know what your competitors do:

Check for your competitor’s Alexa ranking as well to know what strategies they have implemented.

  1. Keep your website up-to-date:

Constantly update the content on your website to get the best ranking across the globe.


Simplicity of SEO Tool Engine.


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